Decorating Candelabras

Candelabras provide an elegant and quick solution for decorating formal spaces. This vintage item makes a great centre piece, especially when decorated with crystals or pearls to add that extra vavavoom. There are several other ways of decorating candelabras by adding flowers, candles or petals.

The simple way of decorating a candelabra is by adding candles. There are different types of candles that can be used for candelabras, however the most commonly used candle is the tall dinner candle.

Dress-up your candelabra with a floral arrangement on the top of the candelabra. Be creative with the type and shape of floral arrangements that you choose for your candelabra.

Be sure to check with your florist if they provide a floral saucer that can be balanced on one of the taper pieces. Alternatively Styled Functions can supply you with a floral saucer/bowl.

An alternative to candles or flowers would be to use tea lights. Styled Functions has glass votives and crystal beaded votives that can be used to transform the look for your candelabra. These votives can use either wax tea lights or LED tea lights.

Instead of using wax candles that may cause your flower arrangements to wilt and damage, you can hire our LED battery tea lights. LED tea lights provide the same quality lighting as normal wax candles. The LED tea lights last up to 14 hours, allowing your function to be constantly illuminated.


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